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Weight Management Packages
ActiveAyuLife provides a weight management retreat

Weight Management Packages

ActiveAyuLife provides a weight management retreat, that aims to provide you guidance towards a healthier life, both physically and mentally.

In a person who has been given Gold bhasma for a long time, the poison can not do any harm, similar to a water drop that can not touch the leaf of the lotus. The person gains long life.

Effective Weight management requires a constant sense of awareness and self-control, coupled with adoption of healthy lifestyle choices. At ActiveAyuLife the focus is on positive goals such as improved health, fitness, increased self-esteem. We believe the ultimate goal of any weight loss programme should be the establishment of permanent life style changes both in food habits & physical activity patterns.

udvartana is the special therapeutic deep tissue massage below the neck with oil

and herbal powder in a direction opposite to the direction of hair on the body is termed as Udwarthanam massage. The powder is rubbed forcibly. Udwarthanam is generally known as Ayurvedic body scrub detailing the particular use of an herbal paste called lepam, which is prepared from dried herbal powders, beans, milk and a species of healing oils. (Another fewer common course is through the implementation of steam).

ActiveAyuLife also suggest a customised food plan with increased consumption of dietary fiber, complex carbohydrate, moderate protein, and low fat foods. Moreover, we include functional foods, vitamin-rich foods, and minerals-rich food to make your body healthy with the ultimate objective of achieving a disease-free state.

We achieve this by a combination of:

  • - Customized low-calorie, balanced diet
  • - A set of time tested traditional Ayurvedic treatments that mobilize fat loss,
  • - Yoga practices
  • - Aerobic activities
  • - Weight Management

Our Weight Loss Package Includes Yoga, Slimming Ayurvedic Therapies, Healthy Cuisine, Other Activities and Counseling depending upon case to case and person to person.

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